Sanjay Singh Brushes Off Suspension, WFI Takes Charge with Own National Event

 The Indian Olympic Association established a trio of experts to oversee the organization's affairs.

Sanjay Singh Brushes Off Suspension, WFI Takes Charge with Own National Event
Sanjay Singh(ANI) 

 New Delhi: Defiant against the government-imposed suspension, Sanjay Singh, the president of the suspended Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), declared on Monday that he disavows both the suspension and the ad-hoc panel overseeing wrestling in India. The determined sports administrator announced that the suspended panel will take charge and independently organize the upcoming national championship.

Singh, a staunch supporter of BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, emerged victorious in last month's elections. However, following wrestler Sakshi Malik's withdrawal from wrestling in protest against his election, the government suspended WFI, citing rule violations in the announcement of the national games.

Protests by prominent Indian wrestling figures had called for the removal of Brij Bhushan from the country's wrestling scene due to sexual harassment allegations against him. Following the suspension, Singh distanced himself from the wrestling sphere.

Subsequently, the Indian Olympic Association constituted a three-member panel to oversee the organization's affairs. This panel has now declared its intention to host the senior national championships in Jaipur from February 2 to 5.

Despite the panel's attempts, Sanjay Singh remains unyielding, refusing to collaborate.

"We secured our position through a democratic process. The Returning Officer officially endorsed our papers, and we can't simply overlook that fact. This ad-hoc panel is not something we acknowledge," asserted Sanjay in a statement to PTI.

"We reject the suspension, and the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) is operating seamlessly; we're fully engaged in our responsibilities. It's questionable how the ad-hoc panel plans to organize Nationals when our state associations may not send teams. We'll host our National Championship shortly. An Executive Committee meeting is in the pipeline; the notice will be dispatched in a day or two, and our Nationals will precede theirs," he asserted.

Sanjay Singh emphasized that the WFI under his leadership has not violated any rules.

The panel announced that the national wrestling camps for men and women are set to commence in Sonepat and Patiala from February 9, following the national championships.

"After the conclusion of the Senior National Championships, the National Coaching Camp (NCC) will kick off. The men's camp (Greco-Roman and free-style) will be stationed at SAI NRC Sonepat, while the women's camp will take place at SAI NSNIS, Patiala," stated the panel in an official release.




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